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Mixer Oxygen 3000D

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USB audio interfaceThe USB audio interface allows to directly connect the PC to the Oxygen 3000 console, with no need for audio cards: infact the PC detects the console as a digital audio card with 2 stereo inputs and 2 stereo outputs for simultaneous playout and recording.

Telephone Hybrid and TelcoThe built-in telephone hybrid allows direct connection of a telephone line POTS/PSTN on RJ-11C. The audio is processed via DSP that delivers a state-of-the-art audio processing. It’s also available a Telco N-1 in/out, to connect Oxygen 3000 to an external telephone hybrid. The output Telco N-1 is always available on XLR male, while the input receiving line is mutually shared with Mic-5. TLC commands are available on SubD connector with Hook and Ring interface for external telephone hybrid.4 inputs/outputs N-1 on inputs STEREO 4/5 and outputs REC 1/2 are also available without GPIO controls.

BluetoothOxygen 3000 has a Bluetooth audio connection, this feature allows airing the phone calls via Skype, Viber, Whatsapp or a normal phone calls by a Smartphone and Tablet.Oxygen 3000 has two modes of audio connection, one bidirectional to support phone calls and a second one for streaming high quality stereo audio (A2DP), this last feature allows airing the music from smartphones and tablets.

GPIOThe console Oxygen 3000 has 12 GPI and 10 GPO, which allow connections to OnAir signal lamps according the opening of a microphone channel, or provide HOOK and RING commands for external telephone Hybrid.